Monday, October 17, 2011

In the News - Brunelli, hair salon, NCLB, local aid

Meet the Franklin Candidate: Philip Brunelli, Board of Health

Educators welcome No Child Left Behind reform plan

While no one from Franklin was mentioned in the No Child Left Behind article, we do find the following in an article on the increase in local aid coming from the Commonwealth that was just announced:

Franklin Town Council Vice Chairman Stephen Whalen said snow removal could be a good use for the money. Whalen cautioned that it should not be used for operating expenses or to pay salaries. 
"I kind of cringe when we get unexpected sources of funding from the state or any other entity," Whalen said. "I think it fuels the belief among some voters that whenever there's a shortfall in the operating budget, money will be quote-unquote found. It's very difficult to predict when the Legislature may throw a bone like this to the town."

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