Saturday, October 1, 2011

Two Quick Updates

1 - You'll notice I have done some fall cleaning and put a new template here. I want to keep the layout clean, simple and keep the accessibility high. I don't want the template to get in the way of the information. The information should be easy to find and read.

 2 - In trying to keep my writing simple and accurate I did stumble yesterday. A couple of you noticed and sent me an email mostly asking if that was what I meant to say. No, upon re-reading it, it wasn't.  As I wrote in the update yesterday
in trying to nail the item that the Council does not get compensated, I guess I left open a door for other compensation. Clearly, that was not my intent. I guess the hammer hit my thumb. Ouch!
The only two elected officials who get paid by Franklin are the Town Clerk and the Treasurer. All the others are volunteers like myself who do it because Franklin matters! I have always appreciated the volunteer effort and to indicate otherwise was not my intent.

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