Thursday, November 24, 2011

“It’s all about vigilance"

Natick, Newton, Weston, and Wellesley are among several communities that have seen a significant jump in reports of residential break-ins, police said. The crimes do not appear to be related, police say, with the methods of gaining access and the types of valuables stolen varying with each incident. But detectives throughout the area are working closely to share information.
“We do have officers out there and are actively pursuing all the breaks,’’ said a Newton police spokesman, Lieutenant Bruce Apotheker. “One of the main components is we do work well with other cities and towns.’’
Newton has logged 155 house breaks this year, compared with 99 during the same period last year, he said. Just since Oct. 1, he said, there have been 35.
Law enforcement officials said they don’t know why there has been a sudden increase, but they said it’s not uncommon to have periods of ups and downs. Some officials, though, said many of the break-ins appear to be drug-related.
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