Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Live reporting - workshop - part 2

Nutting - anything that you would like done, please go through Maxine or the Chair. We are available for questions, etc. but we'd rather not have 9 folks directing our people.

Senior Outreach
Economic Development

really open to what the Council needs to operate

electronic agendas were requested by last council, will provide inexpensive laptops to bring to the meetings
ultimately will save a lot of trees

Financial summary, FY 2012 budget as amended last week; current account balances
enterprise accounts are not part of the general funds, they are sustained by the fees generated for that service

TA puts the budget together with the department heads, makes a recommendation to the Finance Committee which in turn makes a recommendation for the Town Council which votes on it.

Calendar of fiscal events for the Town Council (copy to be added later)

TC Workshop 111109

No word from the State on the budget for FY 2013, they need to see what the Federal government will do first

School Building committee wants to get everything into the MSBA for Dec 9 so we can get a decision on their Jan meeting. Debt exclusion requires a 2/3 vote of the Council to put on the ballot. If the time line holds could have the override in Mar/Apr.

Storm water regulations are coming, sometime.

  • Zoning changes some coming next week to add more bio-tech overlays
  • DelCarte dam engineering effort underway, how it will be fixed and how we will fund that remains to be figured out. Two dams are registered.
  • Downtown Project on schedule for 2013, public hearing to be scheduled 
  • Trash fee for FY 2012 - may be a minor adjustment
  • portable classrooms plan being put together on removal over time
  • David Thayer renovations on the horizon  (get an architect to do an assessment first) what are the enrollment projections, by removing the modular unit you will need the room for the students

all debt currently is declining principle level interest, the high school is proposed to be level/level

cable access corporation being set up; once corporation is set up, transfer of money and potential for leasing space to be worked out. $1.5M in the cable account currently with more coming in. Agreement likely to be for five years between Town and cable access with renewal options.

collective bargaining update coming during an executive session, nine units with contracts

Copies of reports from the department heads are provided for review, if you have any questions, please let us know.

When you get phone calls, there are three sides to the story.

Pictures for the website needed for next time.

2 ways to get something on the agenda, talk to the chair or you can make a motion (and need five votes - majority)

next meetings are the 16th and 30th

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