Sunday, December 18, 2011

Collection: high school building project

This listing will continue to grow as the project moves forward.



Dedication ceremony (photo essay)

Dedication ceremony and concert (audio)

Finishing touches added

Demolition update

School food policy updated

Goodbye field house

Part 1 of inside the new FHS

Part 2 of inside the new FHS

Photos of the last tour of the 'old' school building

Note: all the photos will be posted to Facebook and to Flickr for anyone to view in a single place. The locations are already established and photos will be added to them over time.

Facebook album       Flickr album

May 2014 - transition date to the new building

May 2014 - there are sidewalks

Apr 2014 - parking update (video)

Feb 2014 - new building in the snow

Jan 2014 - Pantherbook video tour of building under construction


exterior almost complete

construction progress

construction update

new traffic pattern

updated parking

building committee meeting

construction update

July -

June  -

May -

Apr -

Mar -

Feb -

Jan -


Oct -

Aug -

Update on the high school

Election day results

Results by precinct

15 letters to the editor on the last day

Video on Self interest = Community interest

Last minute voter information

Voter registration and absentee ballot information

Updated presentation on the educational design features of the new high school proposal

MDN recaps the vote

Boston Globe recaps the vote

Voices of Franklin

MDN follows up on realtor support

Citizens for a New FHS

Tour and high school presentation

MDN Article on high school student support

MDN Article on support for debt exclusion

Letters to the Editor

Rep James Vallee supports the high school project

Facts about the cost of the new high school

The Town Council meeting on Feb 1 that approved the debt exclusion vote to be held on March 27, 2012

Milford Daily News article on meeting

The proposed ballot question text

The resolution with the financial deal

Live reporting on the presentation

and the following Q&A

Updated design photo slide show

The MSBA approves the funding for Franklin and the model school program

Announcement of new FHS campaign website

Campaign starting for the new Franklin High School with formation of a citizens committee

Citizens for a new Franklin High - organizational meeting

Parallel story in Marshfield, MA where they just approved their model school

The letter to the Town Council outlining the costs to the taxpayer

Updated pictures and November Monthly report

The floor plans and space summary

The audio segments from the forum held on Nov 17th

Ai3 Architects

Design photos from the Nov 17th Forum

The model school video from the MSBA featuring the Whitman-Hanson model

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