Sunday, December 11, 2011

Reward for lost cat (photo)

When you go looking for a lost cat, wouldn't it be nice to have a photo? We do, now happy hunting for Sal.

Hi Steve,
I was wondering if you would consider posting about my lost cat? I understand if it's not the right forum, but I am out of my mind with worry and I am reaching out to anyone in Franklin (Freecycle has graciously posted my message):

Black with greenish/yellow eyes
No collar
Answers to "Sal"
Last seen around 248 Pleasant St., Franklin, on December 8.

He is exclusively an indoor cat - he has no idea what to do outside. If you see him, please call me at 508-541-4431 or email me at: If you can take him in and keep him safe, I would be eternally grateful.


Thank you,
Kelly Stenstrom

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