Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Attendance last night was sparse"

Nutting said Public Works is short 12 positions from being fully staffed. 
“It’s all about money,” Nutting said. “As far as limbs, you know what, we have no tree budget.”The workshop discussed ways to either save or bring in money, including using high school and college students for summer DPW work, which Nutting said the town does already, requiring user fees for publicly-owned fields, re-examining public employee benefits, and trying to attract more and higher-end businesses. “I am curious as to why we don’t have medium and above-grade restaurants here,” Whalen said. “The answer can’t be that we’re doomed by Taco Bells and Wendy’s.” 
Benedetto suggested re-examining the development by-laws to see if businesses are being deterred either by town rules or the process the town imposes to develop land.

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I am disappointed in the poor participation. I was hoping there would be a better turn out. There may have been others like myself who had a work commitment that prevented their attendance.

With the Master Plan review coming up, this would be a good time to get involved and review the current bylaws affecting development. If you are interested, you can get in touch with the Town Administrators office to apply.

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