Monday, January 16, 2012

Did you get a Kindle?

The Milford Daily News reports a jump in e-book users across the Minuteman Library Network:
Susan McAlister, the executive director of the Minuteman Library Network, said the consortium that serves 42 libraries in 35 communities saw a huge jump in subscriptions to the network’s OverDrive e-book service after Christmas. From Dec. 25-29 the network saw 1,292 subscribers, with 316 joining on Christmas Day. She said an average day sees 80 new subscribers. 
“There were a lot of people looking to get content, even on Christmas Day,” she said.
McAlister said the consortium has a committee that is tasked with growing the network’s library, which currently stands at 4,553 unique titles and 7,962 total copies.
While Franklin's Library is not referenced in the article, there is a class scheduled at the Library on Monday, Jan 23 to help you understand how to take advantage of your new e-reader/e-book.

Details on the class can be found here:

The remainder of the MDN article can be found here:

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