Monday, February 6, 2012

Franklin Public Library - decertified

An email from a Franklin resident reveals this notification from the Norfolk Public Library

Dear Franklin Residents: 
You are receiving this message because you have a library card at the Norfolk Public Library and we have important news about the status of your home library, the Franklin Public Library. 
We are sorry to inform you that the Franklin Public Library was decertified by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners on Feb 2, 2012, due to inequitable budget cuts. The Franklin Library was hit with a 30% cut in its funding this year. This is far below the threshold set by the Board of Library Commissioners to grant a waiver. Decertification negates the state-wide reciprocal borrowing agreement and Franklin residents are no longer eligible to borrow books and materials from the Norfolk Public Library. 
We urge you to contact Franklin officials, i.e. your Town Administrator and City Council members to restore funding to the Franklin Public Library in order to regain the library's certification status. When the Franklin Public Library regains its certification the recripricol borrowing privileges will be restored and you will once again be able to borrow materials from the Norfolk Public Library. 
Norfolk Public Library
Statement on Lending to Residents
of Municipalities with Decertified Libraries 
Public libraries in Massachusetts that do not meet the minimum standards for funding and service necessary for certification by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) are 'decertified' by the Board. As such, they are not eligible to participate in reciprocal borrowing with other libraries. 
Massachusetts state law (605 CMR 4.01) states that certified public libraries are not required to lend materials to residents of municipalities with decertified libraries. 
The Norfolk Public Library will not lend materials to residents of municipalities with decertified libraries, as this places an inequitable burden on NPL resources and local tax dollars. 
Massachusetts General Law (605 CMR 4.01) states, "all residents of the Commonwealth shall have access to reading and reference rooms under the same conditions as residents of the community." Residents of communities with decertified libraries are therefore welcome to use Norfolk Public Library resources within the library building. 
Robin Glasser, Director
Norfolk Public Library

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  1. Oh thanks for letting us use the resources, because the MGL says you have to! geesh it states you don't have to lend us books, so you take the stand! Thanks Norfolk.