Monday, June 4, 2012

DPW Construction Plans for 2012

According to the current construction plans for 2012 as posted to the DPW webpage, the following streets will see construction this year:

  • East Central Street - Water Main Replacement
  • Riverside Drive - Paving
  • Evergreen Drive - Paving
  • Overlook Drive - Paving
  • Greensfield Road - Paving
  • Greensfield Lane - Paving
  • Grove Street - Waterline Replacement
  • Intersection of Miller Street / Green Street - Roadway Realignment and Drainage
  • Wyllie Road - Waterline Replacement
  • Pyne Circle - Waterline Replacement

  • East Street, West Street, Nason Street, Walnut Avenue, Church Avenue,  Crescent Street,  Martin Avenue, Garfield Street, and Charlotte Court - Waterline and Drainage Replacement during 2012 with Pavement and Sidewalks to be completed in 2013

Check the DPW page for updates to this listing

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