Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Live reporting - Closing

Plenty of local events, Strawberry Festival Thursday

Waiting on infrastructure study from National Grid

Powderly - maybe the long term outlook would be appropriate but would like to have at least an annual update on each of the stabilization items

Nutting - yes an annual report would be good
on the cable question, we did give them an initial $400K to get started and they are supposed to let us know where they are before we fund anything else


Bissanti - thanks to Matt, Judy and Matt for their work on the Memorial Day parade it was an honor for my father and my family

Vallee - we have embarrassing holiday decorations can we do something about that?
Nutting - we can have the DPW staff at least come up with a game plan to look at better lighting there? What trees can be used? Do we wire underground, etc. You have sole authority over the common so you'll need to decide. I'll ask the staff to come up with a game plan

Jones - where I grew up in Watertown, all trees were lined with lights, there are some issues with that as the bulbs and wires stayed with the tree year round.

Kelly - I think Jeff's on the right path of this, let them put together a plan. There could be a holiday common committee and have them work with the staff to see what we can do

Nutting - let's get a game plan and then see what it would need money wise
I do know the electric service under the gazebo would need to be replaced

Roy - did a great job with Memorial Day, a meaningful recognition
Pfeffer - it is one of the best parade ever, the streets are lined forever.
Dellorco - give a shout out to Rick Davis who will be playing in the all star game this weekend.
Kelly -Thanks to the Electric Youth for coming tonight, it was wonderful
Powderly - one of those things that makes us proud to be of Franklin
there were lots of clean up of old accounts, thanks to Jim Roche for heading that

motion to adjourn, passed 9-0

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