Thursday, June 14, 2012

"those things are done, I’m going to move on"

Rep Jim Vallee just announced that he would be stepping down immediately from his position in the House. He had previously announced he would not run again this November but at the time it seemed he would stay in the role until then. Given the House schedule and Rep Vallee's new opportunity, it does make sense to move on.

“I have a new job, and they want me to work,” Vallee, D-Franklin, said. “I had a job opportunity that started and, you know, they want me to go to work. I had some things I wanted to get accomplished … and I wanted to ensure that the budget was completed. And now that those things are done, I’m going to move on.” 
“It wasn’t a secret: I got a job opportunity. I took it. I served 18 years. My office will be staffed. And there will be someone available to answer the phones and work on constituent issues,” he said.

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