Friday, September 28, 2012

In the News: 4th Congressional debate

Kennedy said his public service record shows he can fight to give people, including small business owners, better opportunities. 
"The number one issue in this district is jobs and the economy. But it’s almost bigger than that. There are people who are not getting that access to opportunity. I’ve spent my entire life fighting for people in that position [while working] in the DA’s office," he said. 
The debate, moderated by WCVB anchor Ed Harding and political reporter Janet Wu, gave Bielat and Kennedy a chance to distinguish their platforms. 
To help the economy, Bielat said he favored tax cuts over government spending because "tax relief lets families and businesses make the best decisions. Families and businesses know best. The result is you get more efficient expenditure of capital than government spending." 
On the other hand, Kennedy said the government plays an important role in giving small businesses access to capital, strengthening education, "putting Americans to work" and "removing uncertainty in the market."

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The debate reported on here is scheduled to air on Sunday at 11 a.m on The Boston Channel, WCVB, TV 5

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