Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Live reporting: Tax Hearing

Tax Classification Hearing – 7:10 PM

Kevin Doyle, Director of Assessing
Ken Norman, Chair Board of Assessors
Chris Feeley and John Neas - members of the Board

Review of the information package 

The full set of documents for the meeting can be found on the Franklin web page here

$844,102 is the amount of new growth added to the tax levy for FY 2013
the 'automatic' 2.5% amounts to $1,319,490 added to the tax levy (anything more than this amount requires a vote)

$14.34 is calculated to be the new tax rate for FY 2013
Mean avg of single family homes calculated at $348,000.
Median avg of single family home calculated at $316,000

no question from audience or Council
hearing closed

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