Sunday, November 25, 2012

"You don’t want to see them fail"

The Milford Daily News writes about the State and Federal grants that sponsor the underage drinking stings conducted regularly by some MetroWest area community police departments. Franklin is one that conducts the stings twice a year when covered by the grant. The article includes this from one of the sting participants:
"At first, I was a little nervous," he said. "But you know you aren’t going to get in trouble: You’re helping the police. You just have to be confident and levelheaded." 
Teenagers aren’t responsible enough to drink alcohol, he said, and his peers usually never think of the tragedies that can result from binge drinking or drunk driving until one hits home. 
"People don’t see that it’s bad until they lose a friend, or it’s life changing," he said.

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Recent suspensions:
Franklin Wine and Spirits (in the plaza with Dunkin Dounts on King St)

Bamboo House

And in 2011
DaVita's Market, Joe's American Bar and Grill, Tedeschi Food Shop, and Uptowne Pub

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