Monday, December 3, 2012

12 Days of Donating: Day 4

On Day 4 of the "12 Days of Donating", let's continue to look back through the events of the year and see how much we can be thankful for in Franklin.

In April, there was a whole lot going on. Construction on the Big Y, Earth Day,and candidates began lining up to  fulfill Rep Jim Vallee's seat. You can find all that happened during the month in the archives here. The major news item I'll take away from the events during April will be the annual Franklin budget discussion.

The process starts in the fall with each department putting together their capital requirements.  As they do this, the department also starts working on their operational budget. The department managers work with Jeff Nutting, Town Administrator, and Susan Gagner, Comptroller, to put together the overall budget. The budget document then is reviewed in a series of budget hearings with the Finance Committee followed by usually a two night budget hearing with the Town Council.

I find it disturbing that other than the department managers and a few key Franklin officials, generally the Franklin residents and voters do not participate in these budget hearings. This is where the priorities are set. This is how the decisions are made on what Franklin will do with the money it does have.

So what does the budget process have to do with "12 Days of Donating"? The money and food collected during this period help the Franklin Food Pantry serve our neighbors. When Franklin comes together and takes action, we can accomplish a great deal. This is one example of what makes Franklin a place that matters! When we give of ourselves, with whatever contribution we can make, to the 12 Days of Donating, we will be helping our neighbors.

The snow has already melted, but it will return!

The Franklin Food Elves are combining forces with the Franklin Downtown Partnership for the “12 Days of Donating” campaign to benefit the Franklin Food Pantry. Donation bins are available at these participating businesses:
  • Berry Insurance, 9 Main St.
  • Chestnut Dental Associates, 38 Pond St.
  • Dean Bank, 21 Main St.
  • Dean College, Campus Center
  • DCU, 500 West Central St.
  • East Coast Driving School, 25 East Central St.
  • Emma’s Quilt Cupboard, 12 Main St.
  • Franklin Downtown Partnership Office, 9 East Central St.
  • Jane’s Frames, 11 East Central St.
  • Murphy Business, 15 East Central St.
  • RE/MAX Executive Realty, 445 Franklin Village Dr.
You can also make a donation securely through the Franklin Food Pantry web page

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