Friday, December 7, 2012

12 Days of Donating: Day 8

On Day 8 of the "12 Days of Donating", let's continue to look back through the events of the year and see how much we can be thankful for in Franklin.

In August, the Big Y finally opened its doors.

Franklin, MA: Big Y
Big Y - Franklin, MA opened in Aug 2012

RT 140 is newly expanded and paved, the lights are operational to allow access out of Big Y and the Municipal Building as well as the other business opposite. It is rare to see only one car in the parking lot.

Why highlight the Big Y for this month? I think it tells us a couple of things about Franklin.

First - Businesses find Franklin a good place to operate. Look around at what is underway (new or renovation) or proposed. There are still some empty or underutilized buildings but compared to other communities, this is so much better. Why? Tax dollars. Yes, it is all the same tax rate but the businesses are at least paying and the more that come here, the better off we'll all be.

Second - the Big Y has helped create competition for our food dollars. Our family shopping pattern has changed to include a stop there periodically to take advantage of the sales. In times like these when stretching a dollar for as much as you can get, it helps when there is competition. Will Franklin remain with three food markets? Time will tell. In the meantime, we can shop for the best price!

For the 12 Days of Donating, the Franklin Food Elves have combined forces with the Franklin Downtown Partnership to benefit the Franklin Food Pantry. Donation bins are available at these participating businesses:
  • Berry Insurance, 9 Main St.
  • Chestnut Dental Associates, 38 Pond St.
  • Dean Bank, 21 Main St.
  • Dean College, Campus Center
  • DCU, 500 West Central St.
  • East Coast Driving School, 25 East Central St.
  • Emma’s Quilt Cupboard, 12 Main St.
  • Franklin Downtown Partnership Office, 9 East Central St.
  • Jane’s Frames, 11 East Central St.
  • Murphy Business, 15 East Central St.
  • RE/MAX Executive Realty, 445 Franklin Village Dr.
You can also make a donation securely through the Franklin Food Pantry web page

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