Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Dear Friends of Our Lady of La Salette and Her Shrine,
Rev. Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Media Friends and Pilgrim Friends:
Please review our new Shrine and Welcome Center Christmas Concerts enclosed.
We also wish to invite you to come and visit us and see the most beautiful Lights and Services you've ever seen here at Our Lady's Shrine. 
We've got more lights than ever!  Beautiful snowflakes, Christmas trees beautifully decorated, the outdoor Manger and a live donkey named Clopper for the little children and big children to enjoy seeing how gentle Clopper really is. It's like reliving the birth of Jesus.
You can also have the opportunity to send Jesus His birthday card by going to the Welcome Center and visit the Birthday Card for Jesus!
These are precious moments that you will find Our Lady's Shrine and we all continue to share with each one of you the Spirit of the Season ...Jesus' birth.
Christmas is the true "DESCENDING DOVE" we truly wish to bless you and your loved ones in this Year of Faith. 
Come and be blessed at Christmas and year-round! We are here for you!  

Wishing you A Healthy, Happy, Holy Christmas and A Peace-filled New Year!

May Our Lady of La Salette and Jesus always bless you!

Merci! Dzienkujemy, Bog Zaplacz! Gracias! Graci!

Brother Bob Russell, M.S., Director
Brother David Eubank, M.S. / Shrine Publicist & Young Adult Ministry Coordinator
All of us The Attleboro La Salette Missionaries

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