Friday, December 14, 2012

The Christmas Spirit is alive and well in Franklin!

Over 100 folks enjoyed a dramatic reading of "A Christmas Carol" as performed by Al LePage with musical accompaniment by Rev Diane Carpenter on Thursday evening.

On behalf of the Food Pantry Board of Directors, our sincere thanks to the Historical Commission and to the United Methodist Church for arranging this event. Our special thanks to performer Al Lepage for his significant contribution to make this happen. It was a wonderful performance.

One gentleman as he left the performance checked with Mary Olsson on whether the show had sold out. Informed that there had been about 15 tickets unsold, he said that he would provide a check to ensure that the event had been sold out.

The event raised over $1,300 for the Franklin Food Pantry.

This is the kind of Christmas Spirit that exists in Franklin and for which we are most grateful!

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