Monday, January 28, 2013

Salt on the roads

In the Annual Report section on the Water supply, we recognize that Franklin gets all its water from underground aquifers. Hence, what goes onto the ground can eventually get into the water supply. The concern about phosphorus getting in the Charles River is as much an issue as salt getting into the Franklin water supply.

Franklin needs to walk a fine line between using salt to treat icy and snowy roads. Too much salt will harm our water. The presentation to the Town Council last Wednesday had a slide with the increase in salt from 17.4 ppm (2000) to 59.7 ppm (2012). The amount of salt in the water tripled in 12 years.

Do we have salt on the roads?

Main St, Franklin, Fri Jan 25, 2013
The road has this whitish grey look because of the salt.

DPW presentation on winter road treatments

Water Sewer section of the Annual Report for 2012

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