Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Annual Report 2012: Purchasing Dept


  • Optimum utilization of the Town’s Purchasing Power
  • Identify smart cost-saving value driven opportunities and strategies for attracting competitive vendors

Back in March 2012, the Town completed the bidding and contract award process to W. T. Holmes Transportation Co. for a possible five (5) year contract for Pupil Transportation. The Holmes Family offered the Town valuable cost savings including no extra fuel adjustments and reduced the late bus rate during the first year of the agreement. The Contract also identifies extra transportation opportunities should the High School needs expand once the new High School construction commences in mid-October

Thanks to the sincere and generous efforts from Whitson’s Food Services the contract renewal option for the Food Service Management is in place for the new Fiscal Year starting on July 1, 2012.

Franklin continues it’s membership in several consortiums to achieve the lowest and best price for the supply of unleaded, diesel and road salt. Many of the formal bids completed in the spring netted considerable unit price reductions over last spring. As an example, this office bids propane annually for all of the Water/Sewer lift stations and portable classrooms. The price submitted by the local Eastern Propane for the one-year supply of propane went down to $1.49/gallon from $2.265 per gallon. The Town’s building projects and capital improvements utilized the Purchasing Office for all contract action items, change order, payment
processing, budget monitoring and ordering furnishings and fixtures.

The Massachusetts School Building Assistance (MSBA) offers an online reimbursement payment system utilized by purchasing for expenses paid related to the High School Building Project. To date, the Design Services and Owner Project Manager Contracts are being reimbursed via the electronic payment process through the office.

In late May 2012, this office received proposals from 112 Contractor’s looking to be pre-qualified as a General Contractor or in one of the 15 Filed Sub Trades categories identified for the High School Construction. Once pre-qualified, those Contractors will be invited to bid on the High School construction bid.

As the Affirmative Marketing Officer for the Town, Purchasing monitors the Supplier Diversity percentage for work funded by the Town’s portion of Chapter 90 funds through Spring 2012 are required to participate in this program which is reported quarterly to the State by Purchasing.

Purchasing has become a personal champion as an environmental practitioner. Every bid launched from our PC’s “test drives opportunities to be greener. The expansion of online services reaches out to each one of us in government services. The office also has a drop off container for toner cartridges. Thanks to Facilities the recycling turnover is weekly.

Offer value and appreciate what people bring to the organization that includes social expertness and personal influences.

“Diligence is the mother of good luck”. Quote from Ben Franklin

Respectively submitted:

Norma R. Collins
Chief Procurement Officer
Town of Franklin

Additional information on Purchasing can be found on the Franklin webpage

Published by the Town Clerk, this comes from the 2012 Annual Report

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