Friday, March 1, 2013

"It would be tremendously positive"

The funding to help the development of the SNETT trail maybe in the current budget proposal working its way through the MA budget cycle according to this from the Milford Daily News:

A pillar of Patrick’s transportation overhaul is promoting greener commuting. MassDOT, in its travel plan, suggests adding or expanding trails in several communities, though does not specifically mention the Trunkline Trail. 
"These projects were included in this transportation piece because there is a growing recognition that it is no longer just about vehicular transportation," Lambert said. 
He added that a fully developed Trunkline Trail would improve the value of the six communities it wends through. 
"Particularly in Franklin," he said, "(because) Franklin is a community that’s growing. Investments like these are a choice for growth. And employers and families looking to settle in Massachusetts are looking for some of these quality-of-life enhancements that aren’t easily replicated anywhere else."

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SNETT entrance on Grove St, Franklin, MA

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