Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beautification Day - early results

Did you notice that Franklin got  its beautification treatment on Saturday? There are flowers in the flower pots on the triangle, the boxes along the bridge railing and in the planters on the island at Emmons and Main St.

Courtesy of the Franklin Downtown Partnership, local business sponsors and the help of many volunteers!

spring flowers

The flowers are a mix of red, white and blue with a yellow for accent.

planter on the Triangle

The blue are rather quiet and small but should fill in nicely as the season progresses

flower box along the bridge railing

There was careful choice in the selection, all for hardiness and then considerations for shape and color

flower beds and sponsor sign
Around the 4th of July, these flower beds should look less like they were newly planted and more like they are brimming with growth!

flower bed and sponsor sign

As you pass by, consider thanking the Downtown Partnership, the business sponsors and all the volunteer time to help make Franklin as colorful and welcoming as it is!

flower box along the bridge railing

Did you know that you could join the Franklin Downtown Partnership as an individual citizen for only $25/year? The form and details are contained on the website. http://www.franklindowntownpartnership.org/

Updated: the Franklin Downtown Partnership posted their thank you to the sponsors and volunteers here

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