Friday, May 24, 2013

"It’s kind of a race at this point"

The land has sat unused for sometime now. What is driving the need to develop it? Revenue for one, Franklin is looking creatively to expand its revenue base. Another key driver is the possible DEP regulation as referenced in the Milford Daily News article today:
By 2014, he said, the DEP intends to have a regulation in place that orders all large institutions, such as colleges, prisons, hotels, food processors and convention centers, to separate their food waste from their main waste stream for recycling. 
"The regulation would state that you would have to send it to an anaerobic digester facility or to be composted," Coletta said. 
Presently, Coletta said there are several smaller scale anaerobic digestive systems around the state, but none big enough to handle waste from, say, a college.
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