Monday, June 24, 2013

In times of challege there is the Franklin Neighbor Brigade

Friendly reminder, as the summer time approaches, you may hear of a neighbor in need and wonder where to turn for help.

Franklin Neighbor Brigade is a resourceful group of volunteers ready to help when immediate friends and family can’t do it all. We are ready to help families in times of crisis, such as illness, serious injury or tragic events. “Help is next door” is what we look to achieve in connecting with others to help during times of temporary crisis.

How do you reach out to the Neighbor Brigade?  You can contact
Linda Gagnon
Neighbor Brigade Inc.

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Most of the content in this post originally appeared here in April

The Milford Daily News wrote about the Neighbor Brigade in April

The School Dept used one of their alerts to parents to let folks know of the Neighbor Brigade

Disclosure: Linda Gagnon has a close volunteer relationship with the Franklin Food Pantry. Wearing my other hat of Chairman of the Board for the Food Pantry, we appreciate that a great deal. Neighbors helping neighbors makes our little corner of the world bearable.

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