Saturday, June 29, 2013

MDN anonymous comment policy change

The Milford Daily News FINALLY got around to addressing their anonymous comment issue.

For some time, we’ve received complaints that the anonymous commenting system we’ve hosted on our online stories does little to enhance the conversation within our community. The criticism has been that some of the comments are hateful and sometimes, downright objectionable. We heard you and we agree.

It was about time. I find it quite interesting that the comments on the Milford Daily News articles have dropped considerably. It is still early as the policy just went into effect on Thursday. It was not uncommon to see posts with dozens of comments.  As a good example, the editorial announcing the change received 50 comments (as of this morning 06/29/13 7:20 AM). And yet the new "Most Commented" section shows posts with a top comment total of 1!

Milford Daily News comments
Milford Daily News comment screen shot 6/29/13 7:20 AM

Read the full editorial about the comment change here:

What is the comment policy for Franklin Matters?

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