Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Attention Franklin: Board and Committee openings

The following Boards/Committees are looking for members:

Conservation Commission - Kathy Celorier-508-520-4929

Finance Committee - Jeff Nutting-508-520-4949-Send letter of interest and resume to Jeff Nutting, 355 E.Central Street

Franklin Cultural Council - Claire Griffin-508-520-8857

Library Board of Directors - Felicia Oti -508-520-4940

Franklin Housing Trust Fund - Maxine Kinhart 508-553-4886

Public Land Use Committee - Beth Dahlstrom 508-553-4852

If you are interested in serving on the committee, please complete the attached form and if you would like more information on the committee, please contact the above.

The Committee application form can be found here:

Updated 7/11/13 - the PDF form was removed from the Committee notification on the Franklin website. You'll need to use the phone numbers to make contact for each of the open positions.

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