Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Big News from Franklin Yoga & Wellness

Not sure if you are or have ever been a yoga enthusiast, but I thought you may want to get the word out about Franklin Yoga & Wellness. The new owner is the yoga teacher that I have been studying with for many years. Betsy Barry is a Franklin resident and has been teaching yoga for at least a 9 years. She is the most amazing and talented teacher I have met. Her directions are so precise and her attention to detail is so precise that every yoga position is done with the best possible form, realizing that pain or injury is not to be part of a regular healthy yoga practice!
Thank you
Jane Curran

summer banner
Exciting News
from Franklin Yoga & Wellness
Look What Has Sprouted
Dear Jane,

Welcome Summer!! In this time of sunny days spent outside, lazy afternoons with toes in the sand and cool evening walks we enjoy the abundance of nature and delight in continual discovery in our gardens. The summer sun restores and transforms, inviting new growth. So here is what we have been sprouting:

Welcome to Franklin Yoga's new owner and director, Betsy Barry!

Finally! The big day has arrived....

Commencement seems to be my theme this spring and summer with one son graduating from college and the other from high school. Endings and beginnings are partners. You can't have one without the other. So, sadly and most joyfully, Guruatma and I are handing Franklin Yoga and Wellness over to our dear friend and long-time teacher, Betsy Barry. She is stepping in as the excited new owner and director and is thrilled to cultivate new growth for all of our amazing and dedicated students.

Guruatma and I are beyond grateful for all of the relationships, memories, and all the blessings we received from our 9 year  stewardship of Franklin Yoga. To all of you, "THANK YOU from the depths of our hearts!"

Be sure to stop in and give Betsy a big welcome hug!

As always, wishing you blessings of love and joy!

Kaye Michelle (Khalsa)

Rooting & Rising: New Classes Coming Soon
Throughout the summer and into the fall we will be adding new classes to support your growth. We remain committed to helping our students cultivate roots that grow strong and deep. Our goal is that all students rise to new heights in their physical and emotional development with the support of our talented teachers. Please let us know what we should be planting in order for you to thrive.
Be sure to check the website for new growth and offerings each week:
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this week only for the 4th of July Holiday 
Guruatma, Denise & Pam deserve a break today - don't cha' think? 
There will be NO
9:30 am Kundalini Yoga or 6 pm Gentle Yoga
 on Thursday and NO
9:30 am Divine Moves on Friday.  

CLASS ON THURSDAY  8:00 - 9:15 am
Help Betsy celebrate this exciting new change!!
Join her for a sparkling  Vinyasa Flow class which will ignite your Independence Day!
Join us at Franklin Yoga anytime you like all summer long for the low price of $189!

 Fire up your practice this summer and burn brightly as you embrace a new you. 

We Look Forward to Seeing You Soon!!
We are excited to share these new and exciting changes with you, our valued clients and friends.  Please continue to let us know how best to meet your health and wellness needs.

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