Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Live reporting - Legislation for action, closing

1. Resolution 13-82 : Adoption of Town Council Procedures Manual
motion to move approval of this to the next full meeting, approved

2. Bylaw Amendment 13-724: Amendment to Chapter 82, Appendix A, List of Service Fee Rates- 1st Reading
move bylaw amendment to second reading, passed to 2nd reading
addition of a 7 days from the time of purchase to the fee listing

annual fee, not a dump it is a recycling center, for fiscal year, July to next June
would it be good to consider a punch card system, we did and it would create more issues
$10 for 7 days, what a bargain?

amendment to adjust to 10 days, motion passed

would consider adding days and hours, it will cost more money... I haven't gotten calls on this

Cerel - until you adopt this, you don't have procedures in place
procedural nuts and bolts stuff, may have to spend some time in a council session before understanding how it is used

you did move this already to the next full meeting
put this on the workshop for next week and approve then

congratulations to the new council
working on a 5 year fiscal forecast, will be on agenda fro Jan 2014
starting capital budget process after the holidays
less free cash than usual

do need an executive session this evening

Bissanti - Bldg commissioner did chance the bldg owners down and I want to thank him for that

Bissanti - flag situation for veterans, discussion with the Elks, they would be honored to handle it
Nutting- happy to talk about it

Kelly - can we get an update on the parking office, get an overview on the report tickets, expenses
future agenda to get back to the parking meter conversation

Mercer - if you'd like an update on the high school, I can bring you up to speed

Padula - thanks to the voters, I appreciate the opportunity for serving
we are second to none with the police dept we have here

Mercer - echo comments on re-election to the Council

Kelly - echo comments, congratulations to Ken Norman

Vallee - this is going to be a very aggressive council, with a lot of changes coming

Pfeffer - thanks to Bob Fahey for the veterans breakfast, Dean College for their Veterans, I want to thanks the nuns at St Mary's Abbey for winning a clean energy award

Jones - thanks to the voters for returning me to my third term

Bissanti - touched and honored by the out pouring of support at the election. This Council will react to what you say. We will be proactive not reactive and will give direction for the next two years

Williams - extremely humbled by the vote and confidence you have expressed in mean, I was disappointed in the turn out of 11.5%. Our solders veterans, gave their lives for us to vote, it is not just a right a privilege

Vallee - announced the committee assignments as follows. Chair for each of the committee will be announced later.

BudgetMercer, Feldman, Bissanti, Padula 
CapitalPfeffer, Kelly, Williams, Vallee 
EconomicKelly, Bissanti , Jones, Vallee

Real Property, Fire Negotiations

motion to go to Exec session, will not reconvene in open meeting
9-0, unanimous vote via roll call

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