Sunday, November 10, 2013

Friends of Franklin Library: Fall 2013 Newsletter

As you are likely aware, recent events have been disruptive to The Friends of Franklin Library. What’s important to make clear, however, is that controversy and resistance have done nothing to weaken our organization.  
In fact, there’s reason to believe that The Friends is now stronger and more committed than it was before this recent turn of events. 
We were disappointed and frankly surprised to be told that the Library Board of Directors did not want us to conduct our planned October book sale. These semi-annual sales of donated books over the years have yielded funds that were used to help our library expand its collections, purchase museum passes, offer programs to the community, enhance library services, and even to buy furniture.  
On Sept. 23, The Friends asked the board to reconsider its decision. That appeal was rejected without a discussion or a vote. 
We disagree with the Library Board’s decision and would have welcomed —and expected— the chance to present data in support of these popular and profitable events, which since 2005 have generated net revenue of $153,734.  
Based on recent book sales, we anticipated our October sale would have raised roughly $6,000, after expenses. As with all of The Friends’ efforts, this profit would have been achieved without any cost to the library or town. 
Despite this setback, The Friends’ desire to support the library remains intact. We will continue to fulfill our mission as community advocates for the library, which we consider an important cornerstone of our community.  
Our organization remains strong and devoted to its mission. We have both the willingness and the resources to provide financial support, as requested, to our public library.

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