Monday, March 24, 2014

Mount St - new poles, renovated barn

On my reporting by walking around excursion on Saturday, I took my Summer St, Mount St to Upper Union St loop back to King St. A good walk, plenty of hills with Summer and Mount St and a nice long decline coming down Upper Union.

Mount St residents were upset a few months ago with the tree cuts and new utility poles being put in to carry the power from the new solar farm at the Abbey. While the solar farm at the Abbey had been in the news, nothing had been mentioned about how the power was going to run from the Abbey to get to the power grid.

A few trees were cut down on Mount St and new utility poles were put in to raise the power lines up further from street level than the existing lines.

In this first photo, the new poles are standing at the beginning for the incline

new utility poles on Mount St
new utility poles on Mount St

A close up of the renovated barn. Nicely done!

renovated barn on Mount St
renovated barn on Mount St

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