Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Live reporting - budget hearing (cont'd)

This picks up from Part 1 of the meeting reported here

Jeff covered an overview, mostly contracts to provide support

one time bump for new technology at the high school, then it would end up in the salary budget for the Schools

School have total control on personnel costs for employees supporting town wide
individual departments pay their technical expenses

COA/Senior Center
Karen Alves

we used to have a 4,000 and we are growing out of a 15,000 sq ft facility
in the capital budget we are looking to build out the 2nd floor
more programs and more customers

a lot more goes into the Senior Center than what is shown here
grants, the Friends of the Elderly, etc and lots of volunteer help

Senior Center has seen two homeless people in the last month
Friends group funds the chef for the cafe
MetroWest provides a significant grant

Outreach person going from 19 hours to 30 hours
costs shifting between grants and Friends
$9,000 increase overall as a result of moving things around

simple assessment based upon enrollment in October of prior year
have not yet received the full budget breakdown

have not received the Agricultural budget either
also dependent upon student enrollment

budget adjustments since last meeting
workers compensation number received today

add $5,000 for Fire Dept, recurring for medical equipment an ongoing expense and not a capital budget where it was originally

Purchasing Director unable to keep up
needs 6-8 hours of clerical support to help her through the new high school processing

adjusted the revenue numbers from the State and House joint resolution

Q - should we keep rather than reduce the heating budget based upon the new high school?
A - we know the high school will be more efficient, it was based upon usage of gas across the schools, not just the high school

Q - fire budget, flat salary?
A - yes, there is no contract yet. There is a wage settlement amount in the budget but not in the fire budget. If the contract does get agreed to, then the money would move to the Fire Dept

discussion on holding off the final budget vote to meeting next week
capital budget also ready for discussion

capital budget still waiting on the final storms of winter to pass so we'll know the snow budget
still no final recommendations from the capital subcommittee
state looking at funding a spray park, down at Fletcher field
grant available, awaiting info from the state to; if we apply we'll get approved.
you have to front the money and then get reimbursed

$2.4M with some left over accounts to be closed out and used for capital along with 'free cash'

Sally Winslow and Miriam Goodman return to talk about the School capital needs
aligning curriculum to common core, the math program Chicago Everyday math doesn't meet and is not ready to go to common core
committee put together to evaluate the common core math program options
full program of evaluation
initially costed by the vendor at $450,000 negotiated to go for $150,000 in the capital budget
covers K-5 math instruction, books to go along with the online (software) component

a number (54) of smart board at the current high school are being re-deployed around the district. the capital cost is for the movement to the new location and wired properly for the new location
it is a one time expense to move these
not purely a capital expense but a one time expense from the capital funds available

POS terminal for the nutra-kids meals, free or reduced priced lunch tracked better without raising an issue for the student inline; replaces 19 terminals throughout the schools, the older ones can be used as spares
picture verification, validation of purchases within allergies

Keller-Sullivan computer labs have been used in the 9 years since the school was opened, equipment being replaced

discussion on one night or two, preference for one night, ideally next Tuesday to finish the capital and vote on the final budget recommendation

motion to adjourn, passed

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