Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The walk (photo essay) (part 2)

The walk on Saturday covered a lot of territory and the results have been split into separate posts. You can find the first section here  and continue the 'reporting by walking around' with me

the 'other' Dean tree
Dean College sitting in the center of Franklin is home to several good large trees. I have highlighted the largest one before. This one on the corner of Main St and Emmons St is also impressive.

tree shadows

One's path in the snow provides a contrast to the tree shadows cast in the early morning light

National Historic District
Yes, Franklin does have quite a bit of history and it has been recognized with a "National Historic District". The display on the Town Common provides highlights on the district.

snow melt reveals the Gettysburg Address
Fortunately, the snow has continued to melt so while the words were beginning to be revealed on Saturday, they are likely completely revealed now. And let's hope the storm that comes by later Weds into Thursday just gives us a dusting of snow.We have had enough already!

Davis Thayer field tree
The tree at the edge of the Davis Thayer field (along School St) provides a good photo in the sunlight

Key dates coming up at Davis Thayer

The 5th has already come and gone but the Auction will be held Saturday the 15th and then there is a fund raising event at the Franklin Grill on March 21st.

The middle part of the walk will be covered in another posting this week. I got out to the DelCarte Property and had some fun walking in the snow. Stay tuned!

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