Thursday, March 13, 2014

In the News: library renovation, local aid increases

A multimillion-dollar overhaul is being considered for the Ray Memorial Library, including a new addition in the back of the building and an upgraded cooling and heating system. 
Civitects, a Wareham-based architectural company, has presented the Capital Improvement Committee with the results of a revised feasibility study for the library that details the $6.6 million project.
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Note: the Milford Daily News is attempting to implement a 'paywall'. It is still not completely functional as there appear to be too many scripts running as they attempt to have their cake and eat it too. If they turned off all the pop up ads, their paywall might work effectively requiring someone to pay to read. As it is, I have been able to get by the pop ups (so far anyway).

The House budget committee plans to release its version of Gov. Deval Patrick’s $36.4 billion fiscal 2015 budget next month, with debate on it planned for the last week in April. After helping to raise taxes last year to support transportation system investments, House Speaker Robert DeLeo has ruled out tax hikes in this year’s budget. 
Under the agreement, the Chapter 70 program would receive $4.4 billion, its largest appropriation ever, and a $99 million increase over the current state budget. Every school district will receive a state aid increase of at least $25 per pupil. Unrestricted local aid under the joint resolution would increase by $25 million to $946 million. 
In his budget, filed in January, Patrick proposed a $100 million increase in Chapter 70 funding and no increase in unrestricted local aid.
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