Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Live reporting: Spilka, Ross, Roy

Senators Spilka, Ross and Representative Roy (Chris Yancich in his place)

Sen Spilka
$154,000 increase over FY 14, via joint release of House and Senate
$59,000 increase also coming to Franklin for unrestricted aid
SPED circuit breaker still to be determined with other specific areas of the budget

Sen Ross
appreciates Sen Spilka's knowledge of Franklin
trying to bring back as much as can be brought back to the community
Watertown was shut off due to the over whelming response to the firefighter funeral today
thanks to all those in Franklin and our local communities for the first responders and their service

Chris Yancich
Thanks to the Senators for covering the budget that was what I had in my notes from Rep Roy
Rep Roy apologies for not attending tonight, he is in session in the House working on the budget legislation
feel free to reach out to Rep Roy and we'll do what we can

Q - Jones - we need money for roads?
Spilka - $1.5 B for 5 years, could account for the largest amount ever to go to cities and towns for the next 5 years, also allowed to be aggregated so it doesn't have to be spent all at once, some can carry over

Ross - it has been a hard winter, a lot of work is being done on the 152 corridor
Planville will start to see some growth with the race track coming in
I commend you all for doing as much as you can with what you get

$300,000 for the Panther Way section at RT 140 was passed by the House
looking to see that is still comes this way

Spilka - encourages communities to write a letter and be a pain, sorry to be that way but it may help

Nutting - looking to get a home rule change to be able to tax the medical marijuana
it is up for the agenda this evening

Spilka - water issue bond bill to help communities, particularly with the EPA focus on the water

Ross - we do rely on you to be our eyes and ears for any issues that we may not know of
Greg Casey, formerly with Scott Brown, will be starting tomorrow as chief of staff to replace the person who I had who left for a private position

Spilka - temporary notes, to provide more flexibility on short term bans, to renew from 5 to 10 years
MetroWest commission on the status of women and girls, to work with the Sate-wdie org and focus on the 495 MetroWest belt communities

Ross - we are being proactive with the MetroWest caucus which is now coming further down i495 than it has come before, great things will be happening in this area

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