Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wachusett St purchase

During the last Town Council meeting, the Council approved the purchase of a house on Wachusett St. The house is empty and conveniently located next the current parking lot for the baseball fields at Fletcher Field. Purchase of the house and lot will allow eventually for the expansion of the parking lot.

If you have ever been along that stretch of Wachusett near Arlington when the games are in full swing, travel is slow (or should be) to safely avoid a problem.

92 Wachusett St
92 Wachusett St

92 Wachusett St
92 Wachusett St

No specific timeline on when the lot will be added to the parking area. Given the work already on hand for the DPW, my guess would sometime perhaps during this year or next year. The key would be whether the work required would require additional funding. The amount approved covered the purchase but did not cover the demolition or site work required.

The Town Council agenda and documents for the March 19th meeting

The posts reported live during the March 19th meeting

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