Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Water Line Replacement Plan (draft)

The Franklin practice of replacing water lines and rebuilding roads is a smart one. It makes sense to do both activities together. Granted there is some inconvenience while the work is being done but that is essentially unavoidable.

The current bond to fund the water line replacements runs out this year. The DPW has drafted the plan that would be funded by a new $7.5 million bond issue for the 2015-2019 years.

The bond issue would be funded within the current tax rates and annual budget. It would NOT require an override vote. This is separate from the proposal to provide additional funds to tackle the road repairs with an override vote. The need for the override vote for the Initiative 2014 proposal is that the current water line replacement funding (along with current and projected state aid) does not provide sufficient funding to repair all the roads in a timely manner.

The Town Council will be asked to approve the $7.5 million bond issue at a future meeting.

The plan for 2015-2019 can be found in this set of documents

Crescent St construction during Sep 2013
Crescent St construction during Sep 2013

The Initiative 2014 can be viewed here

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