Monday, April 7, 2014

"there is not an opt-out option"

On Sunday, the Boston Globe MetroWest section had an article on the growing discussion around standardized testing. PARCC is being piloted here in Franklin as well as other communities around the state. Some communities are trying to get out of the piloting and the article quotes Franklin's Joyce Edwards:

Joyce Edwards, director of instructional services for the Franklin school system, said every step had been taken to ensure that the testing, which will be conducted this week and in May in eight schools across the district, will have as minimal an impact on daily instruction as possible. 
“There is always an extra burden when there is extra testing,” Edwards said. “We took every exemption available to avoid double-testing. Beyond that the state has been quite clear there is not an opt-out option.”
Franklin’s schools obtained MCAS exemptions from the state for students who take the PARCC pilot test. If students take a PARCC test in English or math, they won’t have to take the same section in MCAS. 
Edwards said if an opt-out was allowed by the state, the district probably would have offered it. 
“We absolutely would have considered that,” she said. “We don’t believe in double-testing and the loss in instructional time.”

You can find the full article online here (subscription required)

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