Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Live reporting: Finance Committee - May 6, 2014

Present: Dowd, Conley, Fleming, Dufour, Aparo, Heumpher, Quinn
Absent: Dewsnap, Smith

motion to accept meeting minutes from prior meetings, seconded and passed 7-0

Items for Action:
Snow and Ice Transfer

  • motion to appropriate $280,000 from free cash for this; seconded, passed 7-0

Recreation Transfer
need some fund to balance the expense side of the budget, increased revenue is coming due to increase participation; this amount finishes this fiscal year

  • motion to appropriate $7,000 from free cash; seconded, passed 7-0 

Wachusett/Upper Union St. house demolition transfer
transfer of funds from account previously set for the Beaver St house demolition

  • motion to transfer $15,000 from the Beaver St account, seconded, passed 7-0

Central Services Transfer
postage increase in January, and increased notifications via certified mail to abutters for Zoning Board, etc.

motion to appropriate $10,000 from free cash; seconded, passed 7-0

Old Business
thanks for the work on the budget, it passed successfully

New Business
1 - Oct 18th annual Finance meetings

2 - Looking to go to the Town Council in June for $1M for the project manger and start up of the Library project; right now everyone is out straight with the high school building

Conversations around town asking why add space to the library when with the advent of ebooks books may not be around for ever

Intent to bring the Library folks here for the June meeting to answer all the questions around what the proposals

bathrooms, meeting space, conceptual design, the building committee would put together the actual plan
undersized and over utilized, the Library Board can come to review all the details
these are good questions

libraries are evolving, programs and education, museum passes, etc. are also there

3 - also to ask the Town Council to consider putting on a dedicated override for the road in the November election. would also be on the June agenda

4 - Franklin is now officially on Twitter (as of last week)
another channel for communications

5 - downtown project contracts sent out to the contractor, hopefully in June... received the money in 2009 but haven't spent it yet.

Tentative ribbon cutting for DelCarte Jun 4th at 5:00 PM
No date yet for the Sculpture Park

Construction - Lincoln street should start after school gets out

Sep 20 - tours, Sep 21 - grand opening
Sometime in June final walk through for old high school

old school starts coming down after school gets out in June
whole school should be down by Labor Day, then the fields and roadway gets to the completion

motion to adjourn, seconded, passed 7-0

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