Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Live reporting: Finance Committee - 06/03/14

Present: Dowd, Conley, Smith, Aparo, Dewsnap, Dufour, Heumpher,
Absent:  Fleming, Quinn

Call to Order
Citizens Comments
Approval of Minutes
motion to approval minutes of May 5th, seconded approved 7-0

Zoning Board of Appeals Transfer
motion to approve, seconded, approved 7-0

Street Light Account Transfer
motion to approve transfer of $10,000; seconded, approved 7-0

Legal Expenses Transfer
motion to approve transfer $10,000; seconded, approved 7-0

Snow and Ice Budget Transfer
motion to approve transfer $280,000; seconded, approved 7-0

Comptroller Expenses Transfer
motion to approve transfer $1,000; seconded, approved 7-0

Library Addition – Felicia Oti, Library Director
VOTE: Bond Authorization

The presentation copy can also be viewed here

doing increased business with half the staff (see early slide with numbers)
funding this doesn't require an increase in tax rate, can be funded with the debt capacity available
would still be a smaller building than comparable area communities
made $14,000+ to date from books sales year to date, likely to be 20,000 annually

Q - Aparo - what other projects would have been considered?
A - Nutting - we are at 2.9 and unaware of other building structure needs; Senior Center being funded, if 5-6 years down the road we need a school it would not happen for 6M. We do 11 work orders a day on 20 plus buildings. Our buildings are in great shape, roofs will wear out, HVAC will wear out. Money to make big repairs to existing facilities like roofs, and HVAC...  would be the most likely expenses
We still have excess debt capacity when we do this project.

Q - Dewsnap - what about Davis Thayer?
A - Nutting - recap of architect review on the options for the renovation, we have removed the portables because the school population has been declining. Maybe cheaper to buy new portables and add them to the schools rather than building a new school.

Q - Dewsnap - do we really add enough space?
A - Nutting - with the building we have, we really don't have much of an option to do a new building given the existing beautiful facility we have... we are going with the expansion because otherwise we are loosing space. It would still be another year before we have real numbers to look at. The OPM and architect will take time, design the facility, cost it, etc... bringing it back before FinCom and Town Council with the real numbers.

Q - Dowd - consideration for additional staffing as required by this?
A - Nutting - we would certainly like more staff but the additional space (bathrooms, public meetings space, and stacks for books) don't require additional staffing by nature. Some minimal increase in maintenance hours for the larger space but not much more than that. We would like to gradually add staff as we have to annually ask for a waiver as we meet the hours and the staffing but not the funding.

Q - Heumpher - question on the renovation and impact on operations?
A - Nutting/Oti - would have parking issues, could work within the space to adjust and continue to operate while the construction is underway. We are fortunate in that we have 3 entrances to the Library so the back one could be shut and we can still operate.

Q - Dufour - any rental opportunity?
A - Nutting- not really, the space rentals are for cost recovery not to make money. The space being added is not really a great amount to add to the overall demand

Resolution for authorization of $1M
motion to approve, seconded, passed 7-0

Notes from the second part of the meeting can be found here

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