Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tobin Memorial Bridge Goes To All Electronic Tolls

In case you happen to use the Tobin Bridge in your travels, this notification from MassDOT on the implementation of E-ZPass is good to know. One difference about E-ZPass at the Tobin Bridge is that "customers will no longer see a traffic light indicator on the Tobin Memorial Bridge signaling the status of your account."

Beginning Monday, July 21, 2014 the Tobin Memorial Bridge will be going to All Electronic Tolls (AET). As an E-ZPass account holder, no new action is needed by you. You will however, see a difference in the traffic pattern on the Tobin Memorial Bridge and you will no longer need to slow down and pass through the toll booths. 
E-ZPass Massachusetts would like to remind our valued customers of the following important items that are needed in order to avoid violations: 
Be sure to mount your transponder properly. The arrows must be pointing up, it must be affixed to the front windshield (using the fastener strips provided), slightly to the right of your rearview mirror and below the tinted portion. 
With the Tobin Memorial Bridge going all electronic, customers will no longer see a traffic light indicator on the Tobin Memorial Bridge signaling the status of your account. Be sure that you always have money on your E-ZPass Account. Please refer to your E-ZPass MA account at for all your account information and update credit/debit card and checking account information as necessary. If you make manual payments, be sure to make a payment to your account as soon as you see the middle yellow "Low Bal" (Low Balance) light in the toll lanes on MassDOT toll roads. 
Be sure that your license plate information is always accurate and up to date. If the transponder doesn't read, a picture is taken of the license plate and a video toll (v-toll) is posted to the account listing that license plate. If the license plate is not listed on your E-ZPass account, the registered owner of that vehicle will receive a PAY BY PLATE MA Invoice only for travel on the Tobin Memorial Bridge, or a violation for each unpaid toll transaction for travel on other toll roads. 
Thank you and drive safely this Summer 2014

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