Friday, July 25, 2014

In the News: Lincoln St health facility, new wireless for commuter rail

In the Milford Daily News we find two articles of interest today:

The proposal for 138 bed nursing home on Lincoln St has drawn opposition from the neighbors as it is zoned for a residential area. Franklin's Fire Chief Gary McCarragher has also come out against the facility as the fire dept response time to that area would not be sufficient to ensure quality service. The MDN article can be found here
"Unfortunately, the department’s ability to respond in a timely manner to this area is not good, as the closest fire station to this property is our Headquarters facility on West Central Street," he said. 
According to McCarraher, it generally takes the department nine to 11 minutes to respond to the area — "well outside the response parameter recommended by the American Heart Association for cardiac arrest emergencies."

You can read the full article here

The MBTA has announced a new deal to provide wireless on the boats and trains. There would be free wireless offered as well as a premium offer at $15/month. Would someone pay for higher band width to cover the commute time? Time will tell. The more interesting piece in this day and age of rapid change is that the deal is for 22 years.

Under a 22-year license agreement, inMOTION will install, operate, and maintain a neutral, private, and dedicated WiFi network on all MBTA passenger coaches and ferries. 
Riders will have free access to the internet, as well as a live television feed. Premium WiFi service, which allows customers to stream data and video, will be available for $15 per month. The MBTA will receive 7.5 percent of net revenue received from the WiFi program.
You can read the full article here

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