Friday, August 29, 2014

High school football - Hockomock League players to watch

As school reopens, the high school sports team get into action. The Hockomock Sports site has started previews on each sport. For football, they shared a listing of the ten players to watch on offense and defense.

Franklin has a representative on the defense listing:

new FHS sports team logo
new FHS sports team logo

Colton Cardinal, Franklin - Senior Linebacker

Colton Cardinal is one of the best middle linebackers against the run in the entire league. Cardinal does a very good job of reading the play and then attacking. When you think of a “tackle machine,” Cardinal is the type of player that comes to mind after leading the Panthers in that category the past two season. He has great closing speed if the quarterback or running back bounces outside and is a sound tackler, part of the reason he has received a D1 offer from Central Connecticut.
You can find all the defensive players to watch here

The player to watch on offense can be found here

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