Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Live reporting: Solar Challenge - Q&A

question on insurance?
there is insurance available per an insurance agent in the room

What happens after the life of the warranty?
panels are 25 year warranty
National Grid took 2 months to put a reverse meter on for one install

photo of presentation in Council Chambers
photo of presentation in Council Chambers

what assurance do we have that the companies are still in?
open to speculation

What is payback?
one homeowner is getting a payback in 5 years

Has seen some info on a chemical reaction that can cause hazardous waste?
there are no hazardous issues, can be disposed of industrial waste

In the winter, when it snows do you have to clear the snow?
in the winter, generally speaking, the bottom layer of the snow melts and it slides off all at once
in terms of the panels themselves, there is no maintenance required

maintains spreadsheet on production, 8,000 KW hours per year
saw same results in Concord program, a 4-5 year payback on a 25 year system
better return than the stock market
key factor is the SREC, a guaranteed revenue

can you bank the SRECs?
there are companies that will broker or manage the SRECs
the aggregator will play the market to gain the revenue

How long can you stockpile SRECs?
up to one year
SREC should last for some time
managed growth category SREC II is open for the 10 years

have an app on the cell phone to see status up to the minute

Can I ask about net metering?
generally the credits generated are not paid for by the electric companies
there are three load zones in the state, can use the credits to virtually net meter

Does pay $6 something a month for using the grid as an electrical resource
Electric companies will likely look to get that changed but it will take time

Panels were spec'ed out to cover two electric cars

Quick example with rounded dollars

stepping down for a 6 KW system
one third eligible for tax credit
down to 16,000
1,000 for MA CEC credit
1,000 for State
down to 14,000

saving 1,000 on electric
gaining 2,000 on SRECs
so you have 3,000 per year income

14,000 up front expense with a 3,000 year income calculates a less than 5 year payback

Can you clarify what the Franklin Solar Challenge will do?

will be using an agreggator, one installer to get the buying power as a group

next steps to process the RFP to choose the installer
start on Sept 10 to community outreach for the installers, etc.

great low group pricing to take advantage of
a community effort, maybe 10-15 hours a week to help spread the word

what if 1,000 residences signed up?

there is a pre-qualification process, use the suneye to evaluate
consider the design, think about financials, make a decision
then the installations will occur, it can take from 2 to 6 months

once the contract is signed, the rebates can be used
can't get rebate after system being installed

Will installer check roof for assessment?

yes, installer will be able to do that

There are options for everyone to do something

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