Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Live reporting - Closing

1. Resolution 14-59: Dedication of Town-Owned Land Known as Fletcher Field Located on
Peck Street For Use As A Public Playground Or Recreation Centre, As Provided In G.L. Chapter 45, Section 14 and Authorization For Town Administrator to Execute Grant Agreement With Commonwealth Of Massachusetts And To Take Other Action To Enable Town To Construct Playground

Nutting - routine matter to get the money for the playground
motion to approve - seconded, passed 9-0

2. ByLaw Amendment 14-741: Chapter 65, Collection Containers – 2nd Reading

tried hard to constrain these but they do get out of hand
everyone is making money and we don't want to discourage the collections but constrain the expansions
we do have support from the building commissioner, the health dept, and the police dept

Cerel - certain non-profits have raised issues with protected status so we have not targeted them
we have focused on the activity, a neutral fashion to address the issues the Town Administrator raised
we have regulated the placement (largely the industrial zones)
recognizing that the churches may have up to two on their own property
if the Salvation Army was to locate here, they would be entitled to up to two on there property

the fine structure would help to ensure that it would not get out of hand

Padula - recommend to change to have the permitting authority as the building commissionier

motion to amend as discussed, passed 9-0

motion to approve - seconded, passed 9-0

Padula - pending criminal cases of stealing from the boxes

DPW director will come forth, we have been extremely dissatifed with the performance of the contractor

Harvest Festival this Sunday

Downtown Project - utility work still to be done
paving from Moore ave to Pleasant; base coat no top coat
goal of getting it done in 2015 is still on

just like the State the contractor is overbooked

marketing of the RFP's for Pond St and Emmons St
(copy of letter to be added later)

$4200 grant for recycling efforts
goes into the pot which will help the fees

storm water management expansion with another grant

EPA - MS4 draft permits just came out today after a 6 year delay
we'll before the council in the coming year

Question #5 on the ballot, there are four state wide questions
the 5th will be the dedicated override
$130 tax increase to get better road repair, failing that
Election Day - Nov 4th 6:00 Am to 8:00 PM

Bissanti - where does the money go?
Nutting - we have 220 miles of road
we have water money to do sewers (and then the roads)
we have a couple of million each year, it doesn't cover our needs
Pond St was done in 2001, that was only 13 years ago and it has potholes

Dedicated override can only be spent on the item it was approved for
like a debt exclusion like for a building, can only be used for the purpose

Kelly - Twitter and Facebook to be followed
When are we getting to Facebook?

Nutting- when the technology director can get freed up from the high school
will be using students to replace computers needed

Nutting - twitter is easy, an intern wouldn't be needed

Vallee - to address the Lincoln St
Nutting - we put out a contract, there are limited options

Nutting - we did have  a public hearing, the people were fine at the time
we did address the divider issue
we'll have Brutus come to a future meeting
he hasn't broken the contract

Kelly - isn't this the result of the public bid process and going with the lowest bidder?
Nutting - we can reject low bidders and have to have a very strong case; sometimes there is a big gap between the bidders, all the factors need to be weighed

Nutting - there are difficulties to staff all the details, we have auxiliaries and police from other towns; the police are under a lot of pressure during construction season

Padula - what about fish stocking?
Nutting - conservation discussion on weed control vs fish stocking; weed control did come today and will provide a report. we'll go to the Conservation Commission but it would be more likely in the spring

Leblanc I don't want them to do stuff if it not being done right

Feldman - any info to be shared about the incident at the high school
Nutting - no

Jones - favorite quote from Facebook/Theodore Roosevelt  (to be added later)
Due to circumstance beyond control, I am resigning effectively immediately
potential conflict of interest with position at Tri-County
this is with a heavy heart

Pfeffer - acknowledge the passing of Bob Gagnon

Bissanti - I want to acknowledge my colleague and friend on his decision
my condolences to the Gagnon family

Kelly - thanks for all your time and efforts spent here

Nutting - time for a special election within 90 days

Nutting - my thanks to Glenn, I don't agree with the Ethics Committee

motion to adjourn

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