Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Gifts can no longer indicate who they were donated by

Sharing this via a couple of requests. This is another instance of something happening at a meeting and folks find out about it or understand the implications of it after the fact.

What is the gist of the issue?
"Gifts may not have any endorsement, advertising or any placards/nameplates from the donor/organization"

(Note: for those receiving this via email, the posting embedded from Facebook will likely not render properly. You'll need to click through to the Franklin Matters webpage to view it fully)

screen capture of the Facebook page for the Graci gift
screen capture of the Facebook page for the Graci gift

There may be room for a compromise. As it is a 'policy' and recently changed, there is a chance it could be changed again. The policy does get vetted through legal so I wouldn't want to speculate on the likelihood of a change.

There may also be an alternative. Franklin does have a new Sculpture Park. Would the piece be good for an outdoor setting? I don't believe there are such restrictions that would apply at the Sculpture Park.

Note: I do want to take some time to dig through the prior meetings to provide the specific agenda and meeting video links to see what was discussed at the time of the policy change.

Regular readers should be aware that the meeting agendas for Town Council and School Committee are shared here in advance of each meeting. I report from as many of the meetings as I can make. There is also a video replay of the meetings posted to the Franklin webpage.

The School Department has a subcommittee reviewing all their policies to ensure they are current and appropriate. There are two readings of a policy document before it is voted on. Public comment is open. For most meetings that I attend, it is rare to find someone else in the audience.

The archive of meeting notes can be found here

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