Monday, October 27, 2014

November 4th - Election Collection - 2014

The listing of candidates for the State election on Nov 4th can be found here

Commentary on voter turnout based upon historical data from Franklin's elections from 2003 through 2013

To help prepare to vote on the ballot questions for the state wide election on November 4th, these links bring in one place all that has been published here regarding the specific questions. (As I find anything else worthy to add as the election approaches, I'll also include the links here.)

I put together a ballot question cheat sheet. You can print it out, make notes on it, mark you choice and bring it with you to the poll on Tuesday

Ballot Question 1 (state wide question on elimination of gas tax indexing)

Ballot Question 2 (state wide question on expanding the beverage container law)

Ballot Question 3 (state wide question on expanding the prohibitions on gaming)

Ballot Question 4 (state wide question on earned sick time for employees)

Ballot Question 5 (local to Franklin - dedicated override to fund road repairs)

Ballot Question 6 (local to Franklin - not binding on repealing the Citizens United decision)

MCAN Climate Hawk take on the Ballot Questions

Ballotpedia has information on the four state wide questions here

You can also spend some following the links to review their information on the gubernatorial election and other state wide positions on the ballot Nov 4th,_2014#Race_background

MassBudget has published a series on Ballot Question #4 on Earned Paid Sick Time
Health implications 
Data for Franklin 
Frequently Asked Questions

Voices of Franklin

Sean Slater on Question One

Carla Lievano on Question Four

Where does Franklin vote now that the Field House is gone?
Vote at the high school gymnasium. Parking is available in front of the building at 218 Oak St. Signs will direct you to the community entrance (see photo) and into the gym.

community entrance to Franklin High School, gymnasium located on the left inside the doors
community entrance to Franklin High School, gymnasium located on the left inside the doors

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