Wednesday, February 18, 2015

#shopFranklin has folks taking action

Approx 20 folks gathered at The Cake Bar Wednesday night energized around #shopFranklin. Ideas were brought up and captureed on the wall. Some were discussed in detail, some started getting solved, some started getting combined with other ideas as the conversation flowed.

It was a good meeting. Lots of the folks were recognizing each other from their Facebook profile. Meeting in real life for the first time, picking up where they left off on line.

A combined ad. A quarterly mailer. Exploring collaborative marketing efforts. Use WMRC 1490 radio. Do a progressive event. Do a cash mob. What is a cash mob? Maybe a #shopFranklin keychain tag.

Discussion around the relationship with the Downtown Partnership. The Partnership is funded by their memberships and from the events they run. have gronw to about 200 members. Membership is reasonable. Forms available at meeting and on partnership website. They are interested in the energy of this group. This is not an us versus them, this is about what is good for Franklin and what is good for businesses in Franklin.
#shopFranklin - supporting small business
#shopFranklin - supporting small business

Discussion about #shopFranklin page. Still forming and figuring out how it will work. Seeming to be a consumer based place to discuss and collabroate wth local businesses.

What will the construction downtown do to the Harvest Festival? Will it disrupt the Festival this year? Maybe a trade show? How about a passport? Could tie it to fund raising effort for a non-profit. Rockland Trust has a couple of tables for business with accounts at the bank that can be used for helping to spread the word about that business for a month.

Maybe a speaker series. There are topics that small businesses need help with. Improviing health care options? How to prepare for the new sick time law coming into effect in July?  Womens Success Network has an event coming up March 4th. PDF of the info to be sent to a number of folks.

Need to be able to communicate among the group. Set up a Google group. It acts as a distribution listing and provides some thing Facebook doesn't do; it will get the messsage to everyone in the list. Can use the group to confirm additional topics. Can use the group to spread the listing of ideas.

Some of the ideas resulted in action items with assignments. March 11th targeted for next meeting also at the Cake Bar beginning at 7:00 PM.

It was good to see a bunch of folks energized about #shopFranklin and willing to do something about it. This is a good start!

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