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2015 Memorial Day Parade Information

Updated from Matt Kelly (copied from his comment on Facebook to answer questions about the changes)

"as the coordinator of the parade I take offense to that. The route was changed because after almost 10 years of coordinating this parade both the marching veterans, the police and the I have had numerous discussions on the parade. The parade route was getting to long for the veterans that coordinate the parade with me, the police have concerns for safety of the children that march on Rt 140. 

Chris Nasuti Maguire the visit to both Union St and St Mary's cemeteries have not been removed from the ceremony. The American Legion and VFW are deciding if this will happen during the parade or on Sunday. As these are their brother and sisters I have left it up to them to decided when they want to pay their tributes to them. 

John Ristaino I am sorry for the people that won't see the parade pass in front of their house but my first concern is the veterans who walk each year and refuse to take a ride in donated cars, but instead walk, and the safety of our scouting groups. 

This is not a town sponsored event. For background information the VFW came to the Franklin Rotary Club almost 10 years ago and asked for help. At that time myself and several Rotarians stepped up and coordinated and planned the parade so it would not come to an end. We have operated the parade since we got involved using our own money and not any town or outside donations. We do this out of respect and devotion to our veterans. 

Before you cast your opinions, throw your stones and sign your petitions please stop and think that this is something that was done out of necessity and requests from the participants. 

Also, as the parade organizer feel free to ask a veteran to participate in the parade. Many of our marchers are elderly and very few veterans March out of pride. I beg and plead each year and very few show. So if you see a vet ask and encourage them to march. 

If you have additional questions, comments, constructive ideas please feel free to message me (on Facebook).

Participant Drop Off

If your group is participating in this year’s parade please see the attached drop off and muster location map. DO NOT HAVE ANYONE IN YOUR GROUP STOP ON RT140 AND DROP KIDS OFF. This is very dangerous and the last few years we have had some close calls with kids almost getting hit. Drop off should be done on West and East Streets and all people can walk to their muster location. This includes scouting troops and bands.

honor guard from 2014 parade
honor guard from 2014 parade

Parade Route:

The 2015 Parade route will begin at the Franklin Fire Station and proceed up Main St to Church St. We will no longer go down School St, Union St, or Beaver St. The parade will also no longer stop at Union St or St Mary's Cemetery's. Please see the attached update Parade Route Sheet.

Parade Information:

Date: Monday, May 25, 2015

Muster: 10am -10:15am - Group leaders must check in at the Franklin Historical Museum statue

Parade: 10:45 am

Ceremony: 12noon at the Franklin Town Common

What We Need From You:

Reply to this email with your~Troop, Group, Band information, contact person and ~estimated~ amount of participants in your group.

ALL participants must reply by May 15th

Forward this information to anyone who may need it in your Group, Troop, Band, or Organization
Email with any questions.

Parade muster stations -

Parade map -

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