Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Real Time Reporting: Finance Committee - May 5, 2015 - Budget Hearing #3

Present: Dowd, Conley, Fleming, Smith, Dufour, Aparo, Bertone, Huempher,  
Absent: Dewsnap

Nutting, Gagner, Dacey

minutes of meeting of Apr 30, 
motion to approve, seconded, passed

note: when Jeff Nutting was speaking much of the time either he was not speaking loud enough or his microphone was not set properly and hence it was difficult to hear what he said.


  • 541 COA E-8
Karen Alves, Director
the budget amount actually only represents 54% of the total expenses
the balance is covered by state grants, the Friends of Franklin Elders, and self-sustaining programs

14 employees but only 6 are supported by the general fund, the others are from the grants and programs

they use a swipe card to identify folks

  • 161 Town Clerk A-28
Debbie Pellegri, Town Clerk
will be retiring this year, proposed for a raise to $84K, the new person would come in initially at $72K
raises can be done as certifications are achieved

have added some money for printing and supplies to account for the Clerk name change

the Town Clerk does birth certificates and by law (separation of duties) couldn't do the passports as well. That function was changed to the Town Administrators office last year

assistant clerk promotion accounts for the salary increase
will assist in the transition after Debbie leaves

  • 164 Elections A-31
minor increase in election day workers
Town election in November
Presidential primary next spring
92% show up for presidential vote 
versus 13% showing up for a town election

  • 691 Historical Comm F-11
added $500 to budget for conference fees
the space has been utilized
right now, Debbie has a wedding gown in her office from Palma Johnson that was recently donated by the family

introduction of Teresa Burr, assistant clerk

  • 192 Facilities A-39
Mike D'Angelo, Director of Facilities

asking for a part-time assistant manager
to help; currently one person managing 35 people over two shifts

always looking for energy efficiency, LEDs, etc.

looking to make the move from one part time to expand this position to a full time
the high school is more technologically advanced than any other building

with the Library project and the Senior Center project, they take lots of time in addition to the normal business running all the facilities

electricity went up last year after the budget cycle
the budget includes purchase of solar from the solar farm at St Mary's

propane going down as the modulars go away (i.e. plans for Davis Thayer modulars to get removed)

FY 2014 closed out with about a $25K surplus on a $6+M total. Not an exact science but close. Hasn't over spent the budget in 17 years here.

80% of our electricity comes from the solar farm, the remainder is put out to bid. This time around set for a 2 year contract.

almost everything in the budget is bid for, while we do have people, the major items are bid out; HVAC, kitchens, etc.

  • 510 Health E-1
Jeff Nutting covering on behalf of David McKearney
365 food inspections, 56 septics, about 100 complaints
administer the licenses for food establishments
a pretty busy department, low staff
salary number different from a situation last year where the projection was to pay for more than we actually did

  • 520 Public Health E-7
community nurses contracted to provide service

  • 155 Information Tech A-25
Jeff Nutting covering on behalf of Tim Raposa

  • 543 Veterans E-17
Jeff Nutting covering on behalf of Bob Fahey, recently retired
75% of the benefits return to the town as part of the Cherry Sheet transfers

have occaisionally made mid year transfers to cover for additional business

old business - none

new business - 
added an item to the posted budget for Thursday

motion to adjourn, seconded, passed

note: the camera did not pan for the full committee so the attendence may have been off. I'll confirm when I get to the Thursday meeting if there should be any adjustments.

Note: "Live" reporting is used when I am in the room. "Real time" is when I report via the live cable or internet feed like I was Tuesday evening.

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